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Fairfield County Lacrosse Club Development Model:

Like anything athletes develop in stages, both mentally and physically. Our program recognizes these developmental periods and is designed to foster development and maximize our player’s growth when their own development creates opportunities to learn, master and refine skills.

Foundations: Grades 3rd-6th :


This period is a sensitive period for acceleration adaptation for boys. Missing this opportunity has shown to significantly compromise body speed later in life. At this stage fundamental movement skills can be taught and mastered. As we teach these skills, we teach game tactics and focus on situational decision making.

Developing Leaders:

Boys in Grades 3rd-6th begin to be introduced to sports ethics. At this early stage we introduce and reinforce teamwork, sportsmanship and integrity. We focus on teaching our players what it means to be accountable and a great teammate.

Our Program:

With a primary focus on skill development, our program utilizes a 80/20 ratio of skill development to competitive games. Our clinics and sessions are broken up into short periods to keep players engaged, interested and constantly being challenged. In addition to training lacrosse skills, our players work on developing excellent movement mechanics to increase their opportunity to develop foot speed, hand speed and hand eye coordination.

Through playing small sided games, players maximize the number of touches and are more involved in each play. Small sided games enhance the athlete’s ability to improve game speed decision making and situational awareness, which are the foundation of lacrosse IQ.

It is our goal to create a large group of highly skilled players who love the sport of lacrosse and being part of our family. If we are successful in our goals, your child will have the foundation he needs to be successful in the Advanced Training stage of our model.

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Advanced Training: Grades 5th – 8th:

This stage we adjust our programs adjust to maximize each player’s potential. We go beyond teaching basic skills, to introducing advanced concepts both for the individual as well as the team. 


Preparation: Boys in Grades 5th-8th now understand and thrive in competitive environments. It is at this age we begin to introduce the importance of mental preparation and mental toughness. 

Developing Leaders: We continue to reinforce teamwork, sportsmanship and integrity. While holding players accountable and exposing players to guest speakers and coaches to further teach these concepts.

Advanced Development: At this age athletes have the opportunity to learn very refined sport specific and motor skills. Here we go beyond basic skills to teach high level advanced individual skills based on the athlete's natural gifts and hard earned talent.

Our Program:

The primary focus remains on developing individual player skills, in particular advanced skills.  We maximize individual talent through an emphasis on team chemistry. We offer year-round developmental clinics where players can expect to be pushed at game speed through position specific and game situation drills. We teach advanced team concepts and are looking for players who show a high level of commitment and dedication to their craft. At this age we introduce the concepts of athletic preparation. Exposing athletes to strength and conditioning opportunities mixed with lacrosse specific skill development. We offer fall and summer teams. All of our programs are designed to supplement spring lacrosse commitments to our athlete’s towns and schools.

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Elite Development: Grades 9th-12th:

At this stage our athletes have mastered both advanced skills and concepts. Through their hard work and dedication, they have emerged as a top player in their peer group. Our programs are designed to have our athletes prepared for the season and their performance peaking as FCIAC competition begins. Offseason are spent continuing to grow and improve, while exploring next level opportunities, if players choose. 

Our Program:

Our primary focus is on developing individual player skills through emphasizing team chemistry and personal accountability. We continue to offer year-round training opportunities.

Our teams will attend events to provide maximum collegiate exposure. We offer educational opportunities for our athletes and their parents to learn about the college process. We will continue to preach leadership on and off the field and focus on character development as our athletes become leaders in their own communities and schools. 

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